• Nada Benic

New Autumn Menu @Wine Bar Fabus in Amsterdam

Autumn has arrived in Amsterdam, as well as in the kitchen of Fabus. We are happy to announce that, starting this week, we have changed to our autumn menu. We would like to present the following 3 dishes and 1 dessert. Roasted Autumn Veggies Root veggies, Tahini yoghurt, Balsamic Smoked Mackerel on the Beetroot Beetroot salad, Hourseradish, Creme fraiche The "Cannot be missed" Chicken Wing Lemon grass, Coriander, Fish sauce Sweet Autumn Butter roasted pear, Ice cream, Walnuts, Honey drizzle We look forward to seeing you soon at Fabus! Sincerely, Fabus team


De Clercqstraat 105H

1053 AH, Amsterdam

the Netherlands

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